Emailing your mentor

Emails are a convenient way to communicate but it can be hard to know what to say.

Below are some example emails for different situations:

Dear [your mentor's name], 

I’m [Your Name] and I have been matched with you through the Bridging Barriers Mentor Scheme. 

Firstly, thank you so much for giving your time to this. I’m very excited and looking forward to meeting you. 

A quick introduction to me: 

I’m an [enter your subject] student at [Your University] University and I’m interested in going into [Your Sector of Interest] sector because [2 - 3 sentences on why you are interested in that sector].


I’ve done work experience before so I know a little about it/ I’m quite new to the sector so I don’t know much yet but I’m keen to learn more. [You might want to explain any past experience you have]. 


In my free time I take part in [clubs/roles of responsibility/ hobbies and interests]

I signed up for mentoring because I hope [what you hope to gain from having a mentor] . My goals are mainly [explain the skills and/or knowledge that you most want to gain]. 

I’d rather be contacted by email/mobile at [enter phone number and or email]. 

I’d also quite like video/mobile sessions if possible. 

At the moment my availability is [Enter as many options as possibility]. 

When would be a good time to catch up? 

Thanks again. 

[Your first name and pronouns] 

Example Introduction Email 

Hey [your mentor's name], 

Thank you so much for our session [today/yesterday/last week]. I particularly found [enter the most helpful part of your session] helpful. I found it really insightful and I would be excited to learn more. 

I wondered if you have any further resources for me to have a look at this week? 

Thanks again in advance, 

[Your first name and pronouns] 

Asking for More Resources

Missing a Session 

Hey [your mentor's name], 

I'm very sorry but I will have to miss our session on [date and time] due to [illness/family situation/personal situation]. 

When will work for you to reschedule? 

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Thanks for your understanding, 

[Your first name and pronouns] 

Thanking Your Mentor 

Dear [Mentors Name], 

I wanted to share my appreciation for [enter some detail on what specifically you are thankful for]. I really enjoyed our session and it's given me lots of think about. 

I'm particularly working on [ X ] at the moment. Your mentorship is really helping my professional and personal development. 

Thanks again for taking time out of your busy day to provide me some guidance. I really look forward to our next session.  

Thanks again, 

[Your first name and pronouns]