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Frequently  Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to become a mentee?

Bridging Barriers was designed to support young people aged 16-25 from all backgrounds gain exposure to industries that they may otherwise not have access to. Specifically, we hope to help those from Less-Priviledge and Minority Ethinic backgrounds. If you meet these requirements, you are eligible.

What help do we offer to mentees?

At Bridging Barriers we find that the most common things our mentees tend to require help with is their CV, Cover Letter and Interviews. Mentors may also offer career advice and aid in personal development. Every mentorship will look unique - it is the responsibility of the mentees to may sure that they are making the best use of their mentor's time.

What do we need from mentors?

Our mentors are the core of what we do. As a mentor, you would only have to commit 1-2 hours of your time a month to this, most of the responsibility is on the mentee as we are aware of how busy you can be. We believe that as a team, we can help bridge the barrier that ethnic minorities in particular face, getting into their desired industries. Thank you for your support!

Can I have a preference for my mentor's/mentees gender?

Yes, when applying for a mentor. You can choose how experienced you want your mentor to be and their gender, or if you don’t mind you can just tick ‘any’. We will do our best to meet this preferences, but cannot guarantee that a mentor or mentee of your preference will be avaliable.

How long does the mentoring scheme last?

The mentoring scheme lasts It between 3-6 months, however some mentees and mentors are happy to extend the length and some also reach their goals and are happy for it to be terminated before 3 months.

Is the mentoring service free?

Yes, it is completely free to be a mentee. Mentors are volunteering their time to help improve the personal and professional development of our mentees, hence the primary responsibility of the success of the mentorship being on the mentee.

Will we meet in person or virtually?

Due to current circumstances, mentoring is done virtually, via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and phone calls. However, as things are beginning to settle down, it may be possible to meet your mentor in person if both parties are happy to do so.

If you or your mentee are under 18, it is best practice to meet virtually.

I don’t see anyone in my field of interest - can I still get a mentor?

Yes, we accommodate for all industries. If this is the case, sign up using our form and specify your field of interest and we will aim to allocate you a mentor within 3 to 5 working days.

Can I chose my mentor?

Yes, once you’ve signed up for a mentor, you get the opportunity to pick from 5 or so mentors we have available in that industry. If you’re still unhappy, you are able to send further details on the type of mentor you want and we will do our best to make sure you are happy with your mentor.

Who’s responsibility is it to set up meetings?

Due to how busy our mentors tend to be, it is primarily the mentee’s responsibility to ensure the mentoring relationship is going smoothly. Being the main one benefiting from the service, mentee’s are expected to organise meetings and remind mentors of meetings, just incase they forget.


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