Our story

Kevin Osei

CEO and Founder of Bridging Barriers.

Meet Kevin Osei, the CEO and Founder of Bridging Barriers.

The impact of mentoring in my life has been profound, opening doors to a wealth of opportunities that would have remained inaccessible without the guidance and support of a mentor

In October 2020, Kevin Osei founded Bridging Barriers with a clear vision in mind. Growing up in Newham, a deprived borough with high levels of crime, Kevin witnessed the untapped potential of talented young individuals who lacked guidance and role models.
Inspired by his own journey, Kevin realised the need to address this issue. Facing rejections during his internship search, he sought mentorship that transformed his CV and interview skills, eventually leading him to secure a position at one of the Big 4 financial services firms KPMG.
Reflecting on his experiences, Kevin identified the limited support available to young people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. Bridging Barriers was born out of a deep desire to provide these deserving individuals with the opportunities they rightfully deserve but often miss out on.
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