Who we are

Moulding diverse talent for tomorrow's workforce

Established in October 2020, Bridging Barriers is a charitable organisation dedicated to levelling the playing field for young individuals aged 16-25 from ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our primary focus lies in empowering these young individuals to unlock career opportunities through personalised mentoring, bolstering their confidence and resilience. By offering tailored 1-on-1 guidance, we equip our candidates with the necessary hard and soft skills, while fostering robust employment networks that expand their access to opportunities.
Our program is designed to nurture their full potential by providing personalised support and connecting them with real-life role models who equip them with the tools, resources, and mindset required to thrive in their chosen fields.

Our mission

We help kickstart the careers of young people by giving them access to role models and help them to get into positions that their parents didn’t have the opportunity to get to.

“To equip ambitious under-utilised young people from underrepresented backgrounds with the skills and mindset they need to become the best versions of themselves and achieve career success.”

our vision

Young people from underrepresented backgrounds still lack access to employment because of barriers such as networks, academic attainment and role models. We exist to change this.

“A world where young people, irrespective of their ethnic or socio background, have equal access to opportunities to help them to achieve career success.”
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